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PSL 2019 Venues: An intro of all stadiums hosting Pakistan Super League

PSL 2019 All venues and stadiums


Just a few days are remaining in the upcoming PSL 2019, and the excitement is growing among the fans. Thirty-four matches will be played in the 4th edition of PSL, and five grounds will host the event. We have compiled the list of all the five venues which will be hosting the PSL 4 matches.

1. Dubai International Cricket Stadium – Dubai

The Dubai International Stadium, formerly known as the Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is mainly used for cricket and is one of three stadiums in the country, the other two being Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium and Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi. It has a capacity of 25,000 spectators but is expandable to 30,000 spectators.

Dubai will host 14 matches of Pakistan Super League’s 4th season.

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Weather and Pitch Condition

Weather is usually clear and hot as usual in Dubai. Dubai pitch is usually slow and dry better for spinners in the start of the match, and at the end supporting the spinners.

T20I Stats

  • Total matches played – 47
  • Matches won batting first – 23
  • Matches won bowling first – 23
  • Average 1st Innings scores – 142
  • Average 2nd Innings scores – 126
  • Highest total recorded – 211/3 by Sri Lanka vs Pakistan
  • Lowest total recorded – 71/10 by Kenya vs Ireland
  • Highest score chased – 183/5 by Afghanistan vs UAE
  • Lowest score defended – 144/6 by Pakistan vs England

2. Sharjah Cricket Stadium – Sharjah

The Sharjah Cricket Stadium was built in the early 1980s and with India winning the 1983 World Cup, the popularity of cricket rose in this part of the world. The capacity of this ground is 27000 and It holds the record for the most number of ODIs hosted in a venue.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium will host 8 PSL 2019 matches.

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Weather and Pitch Condition

The weather of Sharjah is the same as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is hot and dry. The seamers have to drop their sweat to get something out of this pitch and spinners normally enjoy bowling on this pitch in the later stages of the game.

T20I stats

  • Total matches played – 13
  • Matches won batting first – 9
  • Matches won bowling first – 4
  • Average 1st Innings scores – 149
  • Average 2nd Innings scores – 131
  • Highest total recorded – 215/6 by Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe
  • Lowest total recorded – 90/10 by Afghanistan vs Nederlands
  • Highest score chased – 140/3 by Afghanistan vs Scotland
  • Lowest score defended – 154/8 England vs Pakistan

3. Sheikh Zayed Stadium – Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Stadium is arguably one of the finest and modern cricket ground in the world. It cost $22 million to build and was opened in May 2004. The capacity of Sheikh Zayed Stadium is 20000. The venue is about 30 minutes drive from the city center and is located in a remote area.

Sheikh Zayed Stadium will host 4 matches of PSL 4.

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Weather and Pitch Condition

It’s rare to see overcast conditions in Abu Dhabi. It is normally hot there. The pitch is generally a bit on the slower side. Slow bowlers normally get support in the later part of the game but pace bowlers often have to put extra effort to get something out of this pitch. Patience is often rewarded over power.

T20 Stats

  • Total matches played – 31
  • Matches won batting first – 13
  • Matches won bowling first – 18
  • Average 1st Innings scores – 138
  • Average 2nd Innings scores – 130
  • Highest total recorded – 225/7 by Ireland vs Afghanistan
  • Lowest total recorded – 87/10 by Hong Kong vs Oman
  • Highest score chased – 166/6 by Hong Kong vs Afghanistan
  • Lowest score defended – 129/6 by England vs Pakistan

4. Gadaffi Stadium – Lahore

This stadium is located in the historical city of Lahore. It was named after the Libyan leader and has hosted the 1996 World Cup Final. Designed by the famous architect Nayyar Ali Dada who modeled it on the Mughal School of red hand-laid brickwork and arches. The headquarter of Pakistan Cricket Board is also located in this stadium. The new stadium is now completely covered with plastic seating rather than concrete benches. Its capacity is 27000.

Gaddafi Stadium will host 3 matches of PSL’s 4th season.

Pic credits: PCB

Weather and Pitch Condition

Batsmen have enjoyed batting on this pitch. Bowlers usually struggle in the hot weather. During the long summers, the day temperatures can raise up to the high 40 degrees celcius while fixtures in the winter season have seen dew playing its part.

T20I Stats

  • Total matches played – 6
  • Matches won batting first – 3
  • Matches won bowling first – 3
  • Average 1st Inns scores – 180
  • Average 2nd Inns scores – 165
  • Highest total recorded – 197/5 by Pakistan vs World XI
  • Highest score chased – 176/8 by Pakistan vs Zimbabwe
  • Lowest score defended – 183/4 by Pakistan vs World XI

5. National Stadium – Karachi

The stadium is able to hold more than 30000 spectators. Currently, renovations are happening in the stadium. Teflon sheets are being installed on the roof of the National Stadium of Karachi as part of the renovation work being done in the stadium ahead of the scheduled Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches. The National Stadium will be the first sporting venue in Pakistan to have roofs made of Teflon sheets. The sheets are said to fireproof and waterproof and can last up to 25 years.

National Stadium will host 5 matches of HBL PSL.

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Weather and Pitch Condition

The pitch of National Stadium Karachi is flat and has consistent bounce. It gives a tough time to the bowlers.

T20I Stats

  • Total matches played – 4
  • Matches won batting first – 3
  • Matches won bowling first – 1
  • Average 1st Innings scores – 191
  • Average 2nd Innings scores  -109
  • Highest total recorded  – 205/3 by PAK vs WI
  • Lowest total recorded – 60/10 by WI vs PAK
  • Highest score chased  – 154/2 by PAK vs WI
  • Lowest score defended  – 205/3 by PAK vs WI

Out of the above 5 mentioned venues, which is your favorite ground? We would like to hear it from you in the comments.

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