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Pakistan Super League All Official Songs and Anthems


The introduction of leagues in cricket has added much more glamour and excitation to it. The fans seem to enjoy the shorter format (T20) way more than Test and ODI matches. One of the factors that boost the leagues’ popularity is the theme songs and PSL is no exception to it.

Let’s hear and enjoy Pakistan Super League’s all songs and anthems.

PSL Official Songs

It’s been three years now since Pakistan Super League’s birth in 2016. Each year it has grown and gained popularity and respect all over the world. Like all other leagues, PSL also releases a new song every season.

Till now, three official PSL anthems have been released and all of them were written, composed and sung by Ali Zafar.

PSL 1 Official Song – Ab Khel Ke Dikha

The Pakistan Super League 2016 theme song was titled “Ab Khel Ke Dikha”. The anthem went viral and millions of people watched it on Youtube.

Ali Zafar in an interview stated, “While writing the song, I had in mind that it was something new to Pakistan cricket and the Pakistani fans. It was something that was about to be discovered”.

Here is the PSL first edition official anthem:

PSL 2 Official Song – Ab Khel Jamay Ga

Pakistan Super League 2017 theme anthem was named “Ab Khel Jamay Ga”. This song has importance for all the PSL fans because PCB announced the final of the league to be staged in Pakistan for PSL 2017 edition. The country saw cricket coming home after a long wait of 8 years.

When asked about the song, Ali Zafar said, “We had a successful first season. We had hope, we had a vision. It was now time to bring cricket home”

The PSL second edition official anthem is here:


PSL 3 Official Song – Dil Se Jaan Laga De

The most recent edition of Pakistan Super League happened earlier this year. This time 3 of the matches were played in Pakistan, 2 in Lahore and the final in Karachi. The official anthem was named, “Dil Se Jaan Laga De”.

According to Ali Zafar, “We had achieved something big in the previous two seasons. It was like a dream come true. It was time to celebrate”.

Watch the Pakistan Super League 2018 song here:


PSL 4 Official Song – Khel Deewano Ka

The Official song for PSL season 4 features two of the country’s most favorite artists – Fawad Khan and Shuja Haider. It is titled “Khel Deewano Ka”. Shuja Haider directed the song and he said that they wanted something completely different this time.

Check out the official video song of PSL 4 below and let us know about your thoughts on it.

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