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IPL Fantasy League 2019: App Download, Rules and Points Distribution

All you need to know about IPL fantasy league 2019


Indian Premier League (IPL) is finally here and it brings with it one of the most widely anticipated IPL Fantasy League 2019. The diehard cricket fans around the globe wait all year for the IPL fantasy as it comes with some amazing prizes and features.

The best feature of the IPL’s fantasy league, as is the case with other fantasy leagues around the world, is that almost everything is virtual, except for the prizes and money. All you have to do is create a team using a specific budget and earn points based on the real-life players’ performances like wickets, runs, run-outs catches and whatnot.

The fantasy league keeps the users on the toes at all times, such is the thrill and the gripping nature of the virtual game. One thing is for sure, you are going to be addicted to the IPL fantasy league if you start playing.

Here’s everything you need to know about IPL Fantasy 2019:

What is IPL Fantasy League 2019?

IPL 2019 Fantasy League is a virtual tournament where players from around the world can compile a team from the list of all IPL 12 players in the allocated budget of $10 million.

You can easily transfer players and pick up your best XI before each game or a group of games. The players need to be picked based on who you think will perform with the bat, ball and in the field. Whenever your batsman score runs, you will be awarded points. Boundaries earn more points.

Same is the case with the bowlers. Bowlers pick wickets and your virtual score keeps increasing. The participant with the highest overall score at the end of the league will win a number of prizes including money and gifts.

Where to start?

If you are in for an enthralling experience, head out to Indian Premier League’s official website and click the Fantasy. Or you can directly log on to IPL Fantasy League here.

App download

You can also download the apps from the links below:

It’s pretty much self-explanatory from there and you can enjoy some really good time playing the league.


Account Creation

If you are from India, you can use your 10-digit phone number to register your account. Users from outside India are advised to use link their Facebook or Google accounts to create their account. You can also sign up for the league with your Dream11 account from this page.

Once you are done with the account creation, you can set your motto, team name, emblem, etc. You can play different tournaments including ‘Daily Challenges’ or in ‘Fantasy Championship’ based on your preferences.

Fantasy League Rules and Team Selection

The most important aspect of the fantasy league is to set up your team using a fixed amount of virtual currency, which in this year’s league is set at $10 million.  With this sum, you are required to pick a minimum of four batsmen, one wicket-keeper, two bowlers and one debutant. When it comes to the overall team, a maximum of five bowlers, 4 all-rounders, and five batsmen can be picked.

In the Daily Challenge, the team is picked from the two playing teams with a maximum of 6 players from one team. Note that the teams can only be updated half an hour before the start of the match. In the Fantasy Championship, you can compile your team by picking players from any team within your budget. Once the team is chosen, it is mandatory to appoint a captain who earns double points as compared to the other players.

Points Distribution

You must be wondering how the points are distributed in the IPL Fantasy League 2019? Well, here’s the answer:



1 Run+1
4 Runs+2
6 Runs+3
Every 25 Runs+10
Strike RateVariable



Dot Ball+1
Maiden Over+20
2nd Wicket (Consecutive)+10 (In addition to regular wicket points)
3rd Wicket (Hat-trick)+25 (In addition to regular wicket points)



Direct Hit+15

Other Points

A Man of the Match award earns 25 points while in the league stage, each player from the winning team gets rewarded with 5 points – it increases to 10 points in the knockout games.

Why IPL Fantasy?

When it comes to fans involvement in the IPL, there’s no better way than fantasy league. Offering an enthralling experience with a lot at stake, the cricket lovers can get themselves immersed in the IPL.

The magnanimity of the fantasy league’s success can be gauged with the number of users in the inaugural season when the league launched it in 2013. More than 550,000 played the league in 2013 and the number has increased manifold over the years.


Once you are at the official fantasy league page, you can create a user account, draft your team and get going with the game. If you have any ambiguities or queries, you can follow the FAQs page where you will get the answers you are looking for. From account creation to creating teams, point systems, player trading, and whatnot, you will find everything here.

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