IPL 2019

Rajasthan Royals reveal their Official royal pink jersey for IPL 2019

IPL 2019: Rajasthan Royals reveal official kit


Rajasthan Royals have draped a new color for the official jersey of this year’s edition of Indian Premier League. The Royals have gone for a royal pink look for IPL 2019 and one can’t resist saying that the squad looks quite cute in their new outfit.

Royals go Pink for VIVO IPL 2019

They revealed the new kit through an official tweet from their Twitter handle where members from the team were seen holding the new shirts.

Official kit revealing video

In a second tweet, they unveiled the jersey alone in a special video. The music and the look of the video reflected the royalty. It also signaled that they are ready for the battle and are back in IPL much stronger.

The jersey has a splash of blue as well to make it more in sync with the national team color but predominantly it is pinker. This is only the second time we are seeing a full pink jersey, only the South African national team has worn such jerseys before to raise awareness against Breast Cancer.

Twitter Reaction

As soon as the jersey was revealed on Twitter, it created immediate buzz. Some thought it was less of a jersey and more of a unicorn.

Others said that the Royals should have gone for the practice jersey instead of going with the new one.

But then ardent Rajasthan Royal fans just loved it and couldn’t resist appreciating it.

Now all fans want is to see their favorite Royals back in action!

The 12th edition of IPL will begin from tomorrow and all the teams are geared up to make it big in the tournament. Rajasthan Royals is returning to the league after suffering a ban due to match-fixing allegations, will they be able to bounce back and own this season? It is rather soon to comment but we hope for the best! All the best to Rajasthan Royals!

So, did you like the new Rajasthan Royals jersey? Let us know in the comments.

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