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IPL 2019: Kings XI Punjab Face the Danger of Suspension from League

IPL 2019: Kings XI Punjab Face the Danger of Suspension from League
Via Times of India


Kings XI Punjab is struggling both on and off the field as controversies continue the surround the team during this year’s IPL. They now face the danger of suspension from IPL because the team’s co-owner, Nes Wadia, was recently arrested for illegal possession of drugs while returning from Japan. According to Operational Rules of IPL, no team representative including the owners can act in a manner which brings disrepute to the team, the league, the BCCI or the game on or off the field. Wadia’s action has raised a lot of eyeballs and BCCI might be preparing for strong action against the team now.

BCCI Official Lodges Complaint

According to reports a top official in BCCI has raised a red flag against the Kings and has suggested the suspension of the team from IPL for a considerable amount of time. He cited the examples of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, both teams were suspended from IPL in 2015 after their owners were found guilty of match fixing.

He even stressed on banning Nes Wadia from all cricket related activities for life as he has brought disgrace to the game. The whole team can suffer a huge setback if this punishment is set in order by the BCCI ethics committee which is yet to announce a final decision on this issue.

Wadia Does Not Feel Threatened

Despite the looming danger, a spokesperson from Wadia’s firm has clearly indicated that there is nothing to be worried about and that the matter is sorted. In one of the statements released it was said,

“The judgement is clear. It is a suspended sentence. Hence, it will not impact Ness Wadia in the discharge of any of his responsibilities and he will continue to play the role that he has done hitherto, both within the Group and outside.”

Whether Kings XI Punjab will face suspension or not is yet to be decided but it seems the problems are not ending anytime soon for the team. First the captain of the team, R Ashwin got involved in the mankading incident which brought in a lot of bad publicity for the team then their performances started declining and they landed on the 7th position on the points table and now their co-owner is involved in a drug controversy! Well, the least we could say is that we hope Kings get to experience a better season next year now.


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