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Families not to accompany cricketers during World Cup 2019

Families not to accompany cricketers during World Cup 2019
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We have often seen families of cricketers traveling with them for international tours, they have been present at the ground too and have openly supported their loved ones however, this time it won’t be possible. Cricket boards are taking strict actions to ensure minimum contact of cricketers with families during the grand championship. First PCB and then BCCI both issued clear instructions to the players for the upcoming tournament.

PCB disallows families for World Cup

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to not allow national team players to live with their families during the mega event of World Cup 2019 in England. This decision has been taken to help players focus solely on the championship and not on anything else. The World Cup is deemed to be the biggest tournament, therefore, the management does not want to take any risk or to indulge in any personal excursion. However, PCB has allowed players to keep their families along with them during the series against England before the World Cup. Pakistan will be heading to England on April 23 and will play 5 ODIs and 1 T20 against England after which they will begin to gear up for the World Cup.


No family member to accompany Indian players either

BCCI has also taken an almost similar decision. The board has ordered that wives or any other family member will not be allowed to accompany the players for the first 20 days of the tournament at least. Families may be able to join the players later. Indian skipper Virat Kohli also sought permission from the board to bring his family along, but now he too is in agreement with the new policy for the World Cup.

Moreover, it has also been decided that the partners wouldn’t be traveling on a team bus. Rather, they would have a separate bus or private transport. The players would be traveling together on the team bus and not with their partners. Now one must remember that more than half of the team is married and it has been a common practice of Indian players to travel with their wives, invite them to the ground and sometimes even call them on field to celebrate special moments but unfortunately this won’t be happening now as the Indian Cricket governing body has finally realized that it is against the norm of the game.

World Cup 2019 is slated to begin from May 30 and preparations for all teams are in full swing, while families of cricketers won’t be with them this time but we are sure the fans will leave no stone unturned in supporting their favorite team. All the best to all the squads!

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