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Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy League gives you a chance to win big!

Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy League launched


Pakistan Super League is all about entertainment, excitement, and passion. PSL has engrossed fans in multiple ways, and this year Pakistan Cricket Board-PCB has introduced PSL’s own fantasy league called the ‘Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy League’.

Almost all international leagues have parallel online leagues whether it’s IPL or Big Bash, and it was time for PSL to have it’s own as well..

Through the fantasy league fans select 11 players on a budget, and the winner gets some wonderful prizes.

Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy league Features

PSL’s fantasy league app also has many interesting features which are appealing to fans nationwide. You can choose your own team and all your favorite players in different categories will be available to be picked. Apart from that, here are some of the main features of the PSL fantasy league:

  • Daily Contest

By participating in the daily contest one can create his/her own squad and test his/her cricket knowledge along with getting involved in some tough decision-making processes.

  • Invite and play with friends

You can also involve your whole squad in the fantasy league as well by inviting friends and challenging them to indulge in some thrilling matches. After all, if you aren’t playing it with your friends and family, you are missing out on a lot of fun.

  • Win Prizes

This is by far the most attractive feature of the PSL’s fantasy league. After selecting your squads and teams, you can earn points and those points can at the end win you some amazing prizes. Isn’t it great?

  • League Contest

You can choose the best eleven from all the Pakistan Super League teams to create your very own team and then compete in the league contest to win big.

How to play?


So after reading everything about it, now you all must be wondering about how to play it. Well, let us tell you the steps you can follow to play and enjoy it to the fullest.

  • First of all, you need to pick a team to participate in the competition. For that, you will be awarded credit points and using those points, you can pick different players from different categories. Each player will have his own price depending upon the category he is placed in.

Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy League team selection

  • There are some restrictions and rules on the composition of your PSL fantasy team. You can pick 1 wicketkeeper4-5 batsmen2-5 bowlers, and 1-4 all-rounder players. You can select a total of 11 players.
  • After you have selected your team, you need to choose your captain and vice-captain. Remember that as compared to other players in your fantasy team, the captain will get 2x points while the vice-captain will get 1.5x. For example, if a player is awarded 2 points for a boundary, the captain will get 4 points for the same boundary and vice-captain will be awarded 3.
  • The point system will be totally based on the performance of the player and impact of that performance on the team.

Points Scoring

Now, that everything is set up and you have chosen your dream fantasy team, its time to earn some points and win prizes. But how are you going to do that? There’s a point scoring system which will be used within the league. Three types of points will be awarded, batting, bowling and bonus points. Let us explain each one by one.

1. Batting Points



Strike Rate 00.1-100-15 to -10 Points
Strike Rate 100.1-200+5 to 15 Points
Each Six2 Points
Each 25 runs10 Points

2. Bowling Points



Economy Rate 0.1-105 to 15 Points
Economy Rate 10.01-12+-5 to -15 Points
Each Wicket10 Points
Each dot ball1 Point

3. Bonus Points



Captain2x Points
Vice-Captain1.5x Points
Player of the match25 Points
Winning Team (Each player)5 Points

Where can you play?

The fantasy league can be played on Caltex HBL PSL Fantasy league official app which is available for download on App Store for Apple phones and Google Play for Android phones. You can also register on the PSL fantasy league website.

This is the perfect opportunity to not just enjoy cricket but to win some amazing gifts too. After all who doesn’t love winning free gifts! So, are you guys ready to play?

Let us know about your impressions of the PSL fantasy league and how much you scored.

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